share the responsibility

Getting Involved

Violence against women is a serious issue in our homes, communities and workplaces, yet there is still a lack of acknowledgment and ownership of this crime. The subject is still very much taboo and although the severity of it in this province is alarming, to say the least, it is still very much a silent issue.

Violence is rooted in inequality and takes many forms. All forms of violence against women are wrong. And all can be equally as damaging.  We believe all levels of government and society must share the responsibility to eliminate violence and provide protection to women under the law.

There are very practical ways that you can get involved to end violence against women in your community. You can Help a Friend who is being abused; you can Help Cara House by donating household items and toiletries, or by making a financial contribution; and you can Help End Violence by speaking out taking action in you own life.